NPA 22/2017


New Anti-Vibration
Deep Grooving and Parting Blades


ISCAR is introducing new anti-vibration blades, designed to eliminate vibrations in deep grooving applications.

Due to the increased demand for deep grooving applications that in many cases tend to cause vibrations, ISCAR is introducing new WHISPER LINE blades designed for deep grooving and parting off operations. The new blades eliminate vibrations, improve surface quality and increase the insert’s tool life.

How does it work?
Vibrations occur as a result of several factors: machine and clamping system rigidity, part shape, cutting tools, insert design and cutting parameters.
In many cases, especially in deep grooving applications, it is not possible to design cutting tools that avoid vibrations in a conventional way.

ISCAR’s new WHISPER LINE blade features a damping unit that absorbs vibrations and enables a stable machining process even at high cutting conditions.
The damping unit is located under the insert pocket. It consists of two plates situated in a rhombic frame, connected by a screw that pushes the plates against the walls through an O-ring.

  • Reaches a new range of grooving depths at which other conventional blades cannot function
  • Machining at higher cutting conditions, which increases productivity
  • Less vibrations increase dramatically insert tool life. This advantage can be used also at lower grooving depths
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Internal frontal cooling (K-Type) improves insert tool life and chip evacuation

User Guide
  • RPM is one of the most important factors that affect vibrations. In order to maintain a stable and controlled machining process in deep grooving applications, the WHISPER LINE blade should be applied at a constant RPM instead of constant cutting speed . In case of vibrations, the first step an operator should do is to reduce the RPM.
  • Each blade is pre-calibrated by ISCAR for optimal performance at an overhang of 4.0”. Even though this calibration is suitable for a wide range of overhangs, end-users can perform fine tuning calibration themselves if necessary.

Fine tuning Calibration
Before starting calibration, measure the gap between the plates. This will enable restoration of the initial setup in case the calibration did not improve the situation.

  1. If the blade’s overhang is smaller than 4”, it is recommended to increase the compression of the O-ring by rotating the calibration screw clockwise (make sure the distance between the damping plates increases).
  2. If the blade’s overhang is bigger than 4”, it is recommended to decrease the compression of the O-ring by rotating the calibration screw counter clockwise (make sure the distance between the damping plates decreases).
  3. The fine tuning resolution should be about a half-turn for each 1.20” difference in the overhang.
    For example, for an overhang of 2.75” the calibration screw should be half-turned clockwise.


Application: Deep Grooving
Material: AISI 1045
Part Diameter: 7.87”

Anti-Vibration Blades
Anti-Vibration Blades for Deep Grooving and Turning

* Optional, should be ordered separately
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