New Wear Resistant Solid Carbide Endmills for Machining Stainless Steel Efficiently
NPA 02/2019

chatterfree solifmill

ISCAR has designed the CHATTERFREE ECY-S5 geometry with 5 flutes, sub-flutes and variable helix for a wide range of milling operations on stainless steel.

ISCAR is introducing the ECY-S5 – a family of new solid carbide endmills for milling austenitic, duplex, cast and precipitation hardening (PH) stainless steels (ISO M group of applications).
The new ECY-S5 endmills are suitable for a wide range of milling operations, from rough to finish machining and including trochoidal milling.
The new endmills feature a unique patent-pending design that delays wear and significantly improves tool life.

  • Unique core taper shaped sub-flute contributes to better chip evacuation, particularly on full depth machining ( 2XD)
  • 5 flutes with variable angular pitch and different helix portions
  • The combination of the new AlTiCrSiN PVD coating with a hard submicron grade IC08, creates a high wear resistant grade IC608
  • Accuracy: e8 tolerance limits for the nominal endmill diameter (D) and h6 for the endmill shank diameter
  • Edge wear transition mechanism
  • Varying rake angles create softer cut while taking wide chips

Varying rake and relief angles
Sub-flutes with variable helix
Flutes with different helix
Bi-directional Wear Guidance Design
  • Controlled wear transmission in diverging directions
  • Provides uniform wear to increase overall tool life
Wear transmission mechanism
  • The sub-flute wear control mechanism combined with variable and different rake and relief angles considerably increases tool life
  • Variable and different helix portions inhibit resonance and increase chip evacuation space proximate to the cutting end face
  • Reinforced core taper improves structural strength
  • Performance benefits are particularly notable when milling at depth of cut of approximately 2×D
Typical cutting data when milling ISO M materials:
  Shoulder milling DC=8-10 mm DC=12-16 mm
ECY-S5 Vc (m/min) Ap Ae, max Fz (mm/t) Fz (mm/t)
100-150 ~2×D 0.4×D 0.03-0.045 0.04-0.055
  Shoulder milling DC=8-10 mm DC=12-16 mm
ECY-S5 Vc (m/min) Ap Fz (mm/t) Ap max Fz (mm/t) Ap max
70-90 D 0.02-0.04 0.25×D 0.03-0.04 0.25×D
  HSM / Trochoidal milling DC=8-10 mm DC=12-16 mm
ECY-S5 Vc (m/min) Ap Ae, max Fz (mm/t) Fz (mm/t)
180-250 ~2×D 0.1×D 0.05-0.12 0.06-0.13

Application report:
Application: Shoulder milling
Material: AISI/SAE 304 (DIN X5CrNi 18 9, W.-Nr. 1.4301)
Coolant: Emulsion
Pressure: 8 bar
Machine type: Vertical machining center
Brand: HAAS
Spindle adaptation: BT40
Manufacturer ISCAR - Actual Other - Competitor
Tool ECY-S5 16-32C16CFR.8-92 608 Competitor
Diameter (mm) 16 16
No. of Flutes 5 5
Carbide Grade 608 Coated
Edge Preparation Standard Standard
Tool Stability Fair Fair
Overhang (mm) 45 45
Cutting Speed (m/min) 226 226
Cutting Speed (m/min) 226 226
Spindle Speed (rpm) 4,496 4,496
Depth of Cut (mm) 28 28
Width of Cut (mm) 0.6 0.6
Machining Length (mm) 600 600
Feed per Tooth (mm/t) 0.09 0.09
Table Feed (mm/min) 2,023 2,023
Number of Passes 10 10
Parts per Cutter 44 17
Avg. Chip Thickness (mm) 0.02 0.02
Surface Quality Good Good
Chip Type Comma/Helical Comma/Helical
Wear Crater Wear Crater Wear
Reason for Stopping the Test Wear Wear
Metal Removal Rate (cm3/min) 33.98 33.98
The tool from a competitor showed excessive wear formation after 15 parts and couldn’t exceed 17 parts.
5 Flute Endmills with Different Helix for Milling Austenitic, Duplex, Cast and Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels (1) Number of flutes
(2) Maximum ramping angle

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